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Maintain visual contact with your dog.

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Hunting Dog Flags – Keep Track of your Bird Dog!

Having a difficult time keeping track of your bird dog in tall cover? THE FLAG is your answer, with no batteries to run down, no annoying noise to disturb you, your dog or the birds. The mast (36″ or 48″) is made from 265,000 tensile strength stainless steel. The harness is tough lightweight nylon; the quick detachable mechanism is aluminum, stainless and nylon. The mast can be attached or removed from the harness very simply, in seconds. This enables you to leave the harness itself on your dog between hunting spots, making it much easier to load and transport your dog!

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Hunting Dog Flags

The most enjoyable way to keep track of your bird dog is visually… and this is it! A “must” in tall cover or hilly country. You can expect years of trouble-free service with this innovative product. It’s been field tested on virtually every breed of bird dog. For Pointers or Flushers, its invaluable! We have the size to fit any dog! THE FLAG is very lightweight, sleek and doesn’t hang up on heavy brush. Do yourself a favor, don’t go hunting without THE FLAG.

U.S. Patent 5,746,158

Our guarantee to you: If you have problems with THE FLAG due to materials or workmanship within the first year,
We will repair or replace it for free! If you ever have problems, we want to hear from you.

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Hunting Dog Flags and Accessories

To size your dog measure around the chest behind the front legs. Small 21″ to 28″ Medium 24″ to 34″  Large 34″ and above.

Small or Medium Dog Flag Kit

  • Includes; 3 foot mast, quick-tach and extra flagging material. Everything needed for many seasons of tough hunting.

Large Dog Extension Strap

  • 6 Inch Extension Strap to upgrade your kit for larger dogs. In some cases 2 maybe required, call us to find out.

3 Foot Mast

  • An extra 3 foot mast for your kit.

4 Foot Mast

  • An extra 4 foot mast for your kit.

Quick-Tach Unit

  • An extra quick-tach unit for connecting your mast to your harness.
Hunting Dog Flags

Some Words From Our Clients

We own a chocolate and ticked German Shorthair Pointer. His color is hard to see so we wanted something that would give us better visual effect and also give him some protection while hunting during deer season. We tried several things like a homemade sweatshirt outfit and a couple of things purchased in hunting dog catalogs. They did not work! We met Nick at his booth at the Armstrong Kennels Game Fair. We purchased one and had some rubbing problems. No need to worry, Nick replaced it with a better size, so he has choices for you. This year we hunted in total comfort and Schulze was in my sites all the time. It’s a great product and we highly recommend it.

Bert S. Vanman, Osakis, MN 56360

Since I hunt with a Springer Spaniel I often have trouble seeing him in the tall CRP grass. On opening day in Iowa I hunted with a group of 11 and never had a problem with locating my dog when he had “The Flag” on. Other dog owners were calling their dogs constantly. We also found another use for the flag portion of the harness. One of the guys actually locked himself out of the truck and he used the flag mast to jimmy open the door lock.

Steve Bode, Omaha, NE

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