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Flag Dog

Dog Flag Adjustment and Maintenance Instructions

Dog Flag Fitting Instructions

1. Unbuckle the center strap and put harness over the dog’s head. Lift the dog’s right front leg and put it through the harness, between the neck strap and center strap.

2. Clasp the center strap around the dog. Move to the rear strap, adjust this so it is snug around the dog near the back of its rib cage.

3. Adjust the straps that run down the back and stomach. Tighten them so that the center strap is pulled back away from the dog’s legs.

4. Adjust the two neck straps so that the harness is snug on the dog.

5. Adjust the center strap to be quite snug.

6. Slide the flag envelope with the quick tach around the center strap so that it is near the top and points up and slightly inward when the mast is attached. Your dog’s nose and head will open a path in the grass for the flag mast to follow in order to keep the grass from pulling the mast back and down.

7. When you have everything adjusted properly, put the wire tie (included) around the flag envelope between the top slider and D-ring.

8. Pull the envelope at each end so that it is tight with the main strap, and install another wire tie around the middle strap and around the flag envelope about a 1/2″ below where the quick tach comes out of the envelope. Be sure that the locking parts of the wire ties are facing back and out, so that they won’t rub on the dog. Use a side cutter to clip the ends of the ties.

9. Be sure to insert The Flag mast through the D-ring and then into the quick-tach as pictured below. Also be sure that you rotate the mast into the Quick-tach far enough so that the mast locks into the spring loaded slot. Many masts have been lost through the years due to not turning the mast far enough.


Dog Flag Maintenance Instructions

The flag itself will need to be replaced, especially when used in heavy brush. The best thing we have found is plastic material obtained from your local lumberyard, which they supply for “long load” flags. Two colors work well on the flag this way it is definitely distinguishable from anything else. Barrier tape is more visible, but not as durable. I use lumberyard flags and a different color barrier tape for each dog. Keep it light and sleek so your dog won’t get hung up. I carry extra flag material with me.

It is possible to bend or kink the mast, which can usually be repaired in the field. Otherwise, clamp it in a soft vise and straighten it. We have never broken a mast and have only had a kink once, when the mast became entangled in the fence. After repair the kinked mast works well.

To replace the plastic flag material, support the base of the mast in the harness itself or a vise, etc. Be careful not to mare the base of the mast as it may not slide freely in the quick-tach if it is damaged. Unscrew the plastic nut on the top of the mast and slide it down. Remove the old plastic and replace with new plastic, sliding it through the slot and tightening the wire nut. Order THE FLAG for your hunting dog and bird dog, and you will always know where they are!

One year warranty on mast and harness, material, and workmanship.
Not Responsible for Damage to Property or Injury to Humans or Animals. 
NEVER leave your dog unattended while it is wearing THE FLAG.